Safety Seminar

Safety/preventative Seminar.

We can provide an on-site safety seminar to help better educate lab your entire laboratory on your centrifuges and rotors. This service would include many tips and tricks to prolong the life of your equipment, as well as detect and prevent potential mishaps or mistakes that could cause damage to your equipment. We will not only inspect all of your equipment in the lab and conduct a Preventive maintenance, but your lab team will work away with great insight and confidence in the use of your equipment. A few key things that would be taught are:

  1. Which rotors fit which centrifuge?
  2. Is your rotor’s O-ring in tact and properly lubricated?
  3. Is your rotor properly and safely mounted?
  4. Is your centrifuge properly balanced?
  5. Is your centrifuge properly ventilated?
  6. Is your rotor properly balanced?

These are a few of the questions that would be asked and taught in our typical safety seminar, along with many other preventive measures to ensure safe lab practice, as well as key insights to prolong your centrifuges lifespan. This seminar will provide live demonstration of each lesson taught.  This seminar contains a career’s worth of tips I have learned in the field over the course of a lifetime and am very eager to share.

Knowing some of these key elements can help prevent costly service to your instrument.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your lab!