Sorvall Centrifuge RC12BP with H-12000 Rotor


Sorvall Centrifuge RC12BP RC 12BP with H-12000 Rotor. Condition is Seller refurbished. Complete with a full PM + Calibration report upon purchase.

Instrument also comes with a 30 day parts warranty. 

Superior separations and increased productivity Our Thermo Scientific RC12BP offers best in class reliability and safety for use in your lab and clean room environments. With the ability to run up to 12 blood bags or 12 L of sample in a single run, our Sorvall RC12BP offers high-throughput to meet the most demanding lab requirements.
Quality separations
The Sorvall RC12BP low-speed centrifuge helps ensure high-quality separations through a variety of features, including the MSR™ System for minimum sample disturbance; a unique, brushless, Gyro-action direct-drive motor that provides smooth operation – even in the presence of a slight imbalance; and our Accumulated Centrifugal Effect™ (ACE) function which compensates between full and partial rotor loads for maximum reproducibility.
Automatic reproducibility
 To ensure reproducible separations from run-to-run and instrument-toinstrument, simply choose the ACE button, enter the total Accumulated Centrifugal Effect for your protocol, and the centrifuge will automatically compensate for variations in acceleration times due to differences in a full or partial rotor load by adjusting the run time. This ensures reproducible separations by applying the same total centrifugal effect to all related runs.
Customize runs for maximum yields
The RC12BP centrifuge lets you control the rates of acceleration and deceleration with the MSR™ (Minimal Sample Resuspension) System. Using the Slow Start/Slow Stop features, you can choose from ten acceleration and deceleration profiles, allowing you to customize runs for minimal sample resuspension, cleaner interfaces and maximized product yields.
Easy to use
Set and actual displays allow the user to verify that the correct protocol is performed. You can quickly recall up to 15 preprogrammed runs, or press the Menu key to access advanced features such as QC runs, programming options, step runs, slow-start and slow-stop profiles or brake-off deceleration. Instrument controls are of a soft-touch design, making clean-up safe and easy.
Maximum rotor capacity 6 x 2400mL Motor system Brushless high-torque, Gyro-Action direct-drive 3.6 HP Maximum speed 4,700 rpm Maximum force 7,333 x g Speed settable 10 rpm increments Speed control range 150 rpm to 4,700 rpm Speed control accuracy ±20 rpm or 1% Slow start 10 graduated profiles Slow stop 10 graduated profiles Braking system Electronic regenerative Imbalance detector 50 gram tolerance Temperature settable 1°C increments Temperature set range -10° to +40°C Temp. control accuracy ±2°C of set temperature Temperature readout -20° to +45°C Overtemp/Undertemp 6°C above set or user settable time: 99 minutes, protection 59 seconds (or HOLD for indefinite length of time) Programs Up to 15 stored in memory Dimensions Height Top of door 89 cm (35 in.) Top of panel 104 cm (41 in.) Width 84 cm (33 in.) Depth 107 cm (42 in.) Rotor chamber diameter 68.5 cm (27 in.) Weight Uncrated, approx. 497 kg (1,093 lbs.) Crated, approx. 551 kg (1,213 lbs.)
New, ergonomic instrument design with a lower deck height, providing easy access to the rotor keypad. Unsurpassed temperature control during and after centrifugation, keeping the bucket temperatures to within 2°C. And because this all but eliminates moisture build-up in the rotor chamber, there is less rotor chamber maintenance and cleaning. Overtemp/undertemp Set the max./min. allowable sample temperature for runs. Should the sample temperature fall outside the range, the user will be alerted. Clean-room compatible, brushless motor and cleanable surfaces for operation with minimal particle generation. A three position keypad lock provides varying levels of access for the user. Enhanced features of the Sorvall RC12BP Set display Displays currently selected run parameters in the HOME screen, advanced feature screens (for selection of options or programming), and user advisory messages. Easy-to-use Operator Interface includes brightly lit displays with an end-of-run indicator which can be viewed from across the room.


Description H-12000 Bioprocessing Swinging-Bucket Rotor
Material Stainless Steel Rotor Body/Aluminum Bucket
Type Swinging Bucket Rotor
Capacity 6 x 2,400mL
Max. RCF 7,340 x g
Max. Speed 4,700rpm
Radius (Metric) 297.2mm
Radius (Metric) Min. 141mm
K Factor 8117
For Use With (Equipment) Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ RC 12 Series large capacity Centrifuges
Angle 90°
Min. RCF 3,610 x g
Unit Size Each


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