Sorvall H-6000A


The Thermo Scientific H-6000A, HBB-6, and HLR-6 are six-place swinging bucket rotors designed for use in the Thermo Scientific RC 3B, RC 3B+ , RC 3C, RC 3C+, RC 3BP™ and RC 3BP™+ Centrifuges. Each rotor has a maximum speed of 5000 rpm1 and can generate relative centrifugal force (RCF, or g-force) values in excess of 7200 (refer to Table 1-1 for the specifications of each rotor). Each rotor consists of a stainless steel rotor body, an aluminum alloy windshield and cover, and six aluminum alloy buckets. The three rotors all use the same body, windshield and cover assembly, but they are differentiated by three different bucket configurations. • Each H-6000A bucket can hold a large plastic bottle filled with up to 1000 ml of sample, one blood bag set, or any of several reducing adapters that accept numerous smaller tube or bottle sizes. • Each HBB-6 bucket can hold one blood bag set filled with up to 550 ml of blood (refer to “HBB-6 Rotor” on page 3-9 for more detail). • Each HLR-6 bucket can hold one blood bag set filled with up to 550 ml of blood, and incorporates a unique outboard filter holder (refer to “HLR-6 Rotor” on page 3-12 for more detail). Optional clear plastic Biocontainment Seal covers are available for use with the H-6000A round threaded buckets. Optional Microplate Carriers are available for use in any of the three rotors.
Rotor Specifications
Table 1-1.Rotor Specifications H-6000A HBB-6 HLR-6 Number of Places 6 6 6 Maximum Rotor Speed (rpm) 5000 5000 5000 Maximum RCF (g-force) 7277 7129 7205 K Factor at maximum speed 7823 8248 8355 Low Temperature Control at Maximum Speed* 4°C** 4°C 4°C Design Mass*** (Maximum Compartment Mass) 2575 g 2800 g 2800 g


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