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The Thermo Scientific Sorvall T3 and G3 Centrifuge Series offers a sophisticated blend of power and versatility to help you process your samples safely and efficiently. Offering exclusive high-capacity accessories that meet the most stringent requirements for biocontainment, the Sorvall T3 and G3 Series is the perfect choice for your large clinical lab. Intuitive control panel 

• Protocols can be saved in four memory locations on the control panel for instant recall with a single keystroke.
• For each protocol, centrifugation time, speed, g force, temperature, acceleration and braking rates can be selected. Both set parameters and actual run conditions can be displayed and modified in real time.
• The automatic pre-cooling function, available on the refrigerated models, can be activated with the touch of a button.
• Precise RCF setting and display can be achieved for any kind of adapter or container simply by programming the radius to within 1 mm; automatic rotor recognition prevents allowed speeds from being exceeded. Reliable and repeatable runs
• The Sorvall T3 and G3 Series incorporates precise microprocessor-based controls that ensure reproducible runs in conformity with GLP standards.
• To adjust protocols for spinning very fragile samples, the Sorvall T3 and G3 Series software provides five acceleration and six braking profiles. This permits the minimum run time to be achieved while avoiding resuspension of the pellet. Precise temperature control
• Ventilated Sorvall T3 and G3 models provide centrifugation at room temperature, with minimal sample temperature increase.
• Refrigerated Sorvall RT3 and RG3 models are equipped with a powerful refrigeration system, offering settings from -9°C to 40°C.
• The automatic pre-cooling program provides optimal temperature management for precise protocol execution.
Safety assurance for operators and samples The Sorvall T3 and G3 Series incorporates comprehensive safety features that enable it to be safely operated by everyone in the lab.
• Audible and visual messages alert operators to any anomalies.
• In case of excessive imbalance, the machine stops within seconds. • All rotors are automatically identified and prevented from exceeding allowed speeds.
• A double-lid locking system, armored chamber and other important features ensure complete operator safety. Guaranteed protection from biohazards The Sorvall T3 and G3 Series offers a range of accessories equipped with solvent-proof gaskets to ensure biocontainment. These accessories are tested by CAMR,* Porton Down, UK, the gold standard in biological safety testing.
• Transparent sealing caps allow the immediate detection of biological risks.
• In case of tube breakage, the individually-sealed bucket can be removed and opened in a biosafety cabinet.
• If one tube should break, the samples in the other sealed buckets are still viable. Versatile accessories for multiple applications The Sorvall T3 and G3 Series accepts samples up to 750 ml, including tubes, bottles, microplates and special containers.
• A wide range of rotors and inserts can handle sample tubes of all shapes and sizes as well as special carriers.
• All units can accommodate large batches of tubes in the preanalytical preparation of samples. With their capacity of 108 x 5/7 ml Vacutainers, 28 x 50 ml conical tubes, 16 x microplates or 4 x deepwell blocks, the Sorvall T3 and G3 centrifuges are the ideal solution for high-volume clinical laboratories. Compact Sorvall G3 floor model saves valuable bench space The Sorvall G3 Series offers the full capabilities of the benchtop unit in a compact floor-standing model, making it an ideal choice for laboratories where bench space is limited.
• At just 58 cm wide by 66 cm deep, the Sorvall G3 Series can be stored, moved and installed almost anywhere.
• The 86 cm working height makes loading samples and exchanging rotors comfortable and easy.
• The lid can be opened and closed easily with assistance from the gas springs.
• Locking wheels allow the centrifuge to be safely set in place on the floor for undisturbed operation.
Specifications   Sorvall RT3 – RG3
Max Capacity Swing-Out
(4 x 750 ml) 3,000 ml Fixed-Angle (8 x 100 ml) 800 ml
Max Density 1.2
Max Load 3.6 kg
Max Speed Swing-Out 4,500 rpm Fixed-Angle 8,000 rpm
Max RCF Swing-Out 4,822 x g Fixed-Angle 9,302 x g
Control System Microprocessor Microprocessor
Programs 4 + pre-cooling with direct recall
Speed Set/Display Range 500–8,000 rpm Step 10 rpm Display Accuracy +/- 10 rpm
RCF Set/Display Range 20–9,302 x g Step 1 x g Display Accuracy +/- 1 x g
Timer Set/Display 30 sec–99 min + continuous
Temperature Set/Display -9°C to 40°C
Acceleration Rates 5
Braking Rates 5 + no brake
Drive System Direct
Motor Type Brushless induction
Standards CE marked, UL/cUL approved


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